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In the last week the site surpassed 100 contributions from teachers like you. Thanks to all who have taken the time to fill out the form, and thanks to all who have spent time browsing the site.

Hello to the folks from Hangzhou Expat who have been sent this way by one of the forum members. Thanks for the link, and I hope you find something of use here. It'll take some doing to match the output of the Kunming group, though!

Nine of today's new entries are jobs from Kunming, Yunnan; looks like the link got shared on gokunming.com, which I've now linked to in the sidebar. Thanks to everyone there who decided to participate, and keep spreading the word. I had originally hoped for more than 100 entries by the end of the site's first [...]

You are now able to download the full data table in csv or Excel format. You can also copy the entire content of the table to your clipboard in plaintext format. Hope this proves useful!

We've broken the 30 job barrier, mostly thanks to folks from Raoul's China Saloon and reddit. Thanks to all of you for your participation, and please spread the word. The more people that contribute, the better the counterproposal you can make when you negotiate your next contract. As more people use the site, more and more omissions [...]

This site is intended to help foreign English teachers in China work for a fair wage. Since the English teaching industry is so fragmented and, outside of public universities, there are no set pay scales, Foreign Teachers (FTs) new to China, or just new to an area, can have serious difficulties discerning what fair pay [...]