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When I came up with the idea for ForeignTeacherPay.com, I wanted to create a free and open site that would help English teachers in China to find out how much other teachers in their city earned. The current incarnation of the site is basically a proof of concept that has lots of room for improvement. [...]

As I've mentioned before, when you're evaluating a TEFL salary, in China or anywhere else, you want to take into account (a) how much other foreign teachers earn and (b) how much you're earning compared to locals. This will ensure that you're at least earning the market rate and that you won't be relatively poor. It's [...]

More and more westerners are becoming interested in making a life for themselves in China. Some are attracted to China for personal reasons, such as an interest in Chinese language, history, and culture; others have more pragmatic reasons, such as the belief that China's economy will continue to boom. Finally, some just want the adventure [...]

I received this email from a reader today: Hi, I really want to teach in China for part of my gap year. I heard that some places pay for flights, accomodation and monthly salary. Do you know of any of these sites? Do you think they are dodgy? Please let me know. There are a [...]

I previously wrote about how much Chinese people earn, based upon data from 2010. Now, a 2011 edition of the report has been issued, and I thought it might be worthwhile to go over the numbers. "People working in Beijing enjoyed China's highest average monthly pay of 4,672 yuan" Note: This would represent a decrease [...]

If you've got some money sitting in the bank that you won't need in the next 3 to 36 months, you might consider buying a CD or depositing in a fixed-rate account. A three year CD is currently paying 5%, while shorter-term investments are all paying above 3%. Today ICBC was offering a 3 month [...]

To follow up on my earlier post regarding how much Chinese people earn, the People's Daily recently published an article with salary data from China's National Bureau of Statistics. The major points: ¥71,874, Shanghai's average annal salary, is the highest in the country. ¥65,683, Beijing's average annual salary, is the second highest. ¥37,147 was the [...]

A question that often comes up is how much Chinese people earn in their jobs, and how that compares to a TEFL salary. An article in the Christian Science Monitor about the Chinese middle class states: Those jobs earn the couple about $30,000 a year between them – not much by Western standards, but twice [...]

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