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China Job Sites

Below are some reliable sources for finding teaching jobs in China. As always, be careful when you apply to make sure you are making direct contact with a school, not going through a recruiter. If you have a job site that you think should be listed here, contact me through the form on the about page.

  • Boggles World ESL Job Board
  • 51job.com Chinese job search site, but with quite a few English teaching jobs. Many listings are in Chinese and English – select your city and search for keywords.
  • ESL Cafe China job board One of the most popular job sites, but watch out for dodgy schools and ads from recruiters.
  • Jobs.ac.uk Professional positions in China, many in joint-venture schools. Most require an MA or DELTA.
  • Zhaopin.com A Chinese website (with English interface) with jobs posted by Chinese schools & companies.
  • eChinaCities.com Offers listings in English for teaching and non-teaching positions.