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China Expat Sites

Below are expat sites organized by province. If you want to find more information about jobs, working conditions, or what life is like in a certain city or area, your best bet is to check an expat site from the area.

If you would like to have your site listed on this page, please contact me through the About page.

General China:

  • Raoul’s China Saloon – An excellent forum for everything having to do with living and working in China. Strict moderation keeps conversation on-topic and helpful. Check out their Library forum for some very useful links to other China-related sites.
  • Dave’s ESL Cafe offers forums both about teaching in China (China [Job-related posts]) and living in China (China [Off-topic]). These are the most popular TEFL forums for China, and certainly are worth a look.
  • Middle Kingdom Life– MKL’s guide to teaching in China contains some useful information, but the tone is often pessimistic and biased. Useful information, but take with an enormous grain of salt.

Chinese Language:

  • Chinese-Forums.com – “A community of people interested in learning about Chinese and Chinese culture.” Excellent resources and advice for learning Chinese.
  • PopupChinese.com – “Learn Chinese with free Chinese podcasts, online lessons and Chinese tests from experts. Our Chinese lessons are free for everyone to hear.” Good “roundtable” podcasts about China news, too.


  • The Beijinger – thebeijinger.com is Beijing’s premier English language site for free classifieds, event and directory listings and the latest news and reviews about goings-on
  • We Live In Beijing – Lively forums and event listings keep you up-to-date on the latest in Beijing.

Jiangsu Province


    • Hello Nanjing – The premier expat social network for pleasant living in Nanjing Jiangsu, China.


    • WuxiLife – Welcome to Wuxi life – Expat and Locals together!

Jilin Province


    • Changchun Friends – The place to find out what’s happening in Changchun and get involved!
    • Changchun LiveChangchun’s own online lifestyle magazine.

Liaoning Province


    • DalianXPat – Community, dalian guide, dalian city guide, Forum, Events, Information, Maps of Dalian.Dalian city guide featuring Dalian, Liaoning.

Sichuan Province


    • ChengduLiving.com – Chengdu Living is about life in the capital of Sichuan Province, in Southwest China. We write about culture, politics, lifestyle and happenings in the city.
    • GoChengdoo – The best English-language website and information resource for the city of Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province, China: news, events, forums, [and more]

Yunnan Province


    • GoKunming.com – The best English-language website and information resource for the city of Kunming, capital of Yunnan province, China: news, events, forums, classified ads, and more

Zhejiang Province


    • Hangzhou Expat – Suggestions, questions, and comments related specifically to HangzhouExpat.com highly welcomed! We want to hear what you think, and we’re ready to help!