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Here we go…

This site is intended to help foreign English teachers in China work for a fair wage. Since the English teaching industry is so fragmented and, outside of public universities, there are no set pay scales, Foreign Teachers (FTs) new to China, or just new to an area, can have serious difficulties discerning what fair pay for work is.

Employers see it as being in their best interests to make keep their pay policies as opaque as possible; this site is an attempt to provide some transparency.

Along these lines, all data submitted to this site will (at least eventually) be reported fully and posted in a way that provides completes anonymity to the submitter. Additionally, all data will be available for download…just as soon as I figure out how to get that feature to work.

I am running this site as a hobby, so improvement and development will be constrained by how how much spare time I have to tinker and learn new skills. I appreciate your patience.


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