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9,500/month: Jiangsu Suzhou (2011)

Pay (in RMB)
Is that wage monthly, hourly, weekly, or annual?
Full time or part time?
Hours taught per week:
20, but more in Summer and Winter breaks
Vacation time (excluding Chinese holidays)
10 Paid
Where do you work?
What city?
When was this?
What level are your students?
Children to teenagers
About your employer
Is your employer a government school or a private company?
Private school
What perks did this employer offer?
  • Visa
  • Insurance
  • End-of-contract bonus
  • Airfare
  • Other
No housing provided
150 RMB Overtime, but never forced.
About You
Teaching experience
3 1/2 years
  • BA/BS (Undergraduate degree)
  • CELTA, Trinity, or equivalent
Is English your first language?
Anything Else?
5-day week, but as it’s a private school there are usually no weekends off, but holiday can be booked for weekends. 2-Consecutive days off in the week and, unless teaching CLT, no work in the daytime as it’s evenings and weekends children’s teaching. For over a year there have been no forced office hours, though this is in the contract. While the teachers are getting their “office” work done in their own time, it seems the school is happy to let it go. The teacher’s are! Not sure how this stacks up, but it seems most people at my branch are happy. Summer and Winter vacation is 6-days a week/27 hours, but it seems to fly by and we get free coke! (No, the regular soda drink!)
How did you find out about this site?
Raouls China Salon link


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