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6,000/month: Changchun, Jilin (2013)

Pay (in RMB)
Is that wage monthly, hourly, weekly, or annual?
Full time or part time?
Hours taught per week:
Vacation time (excluding Chinese holidays)
10 weeks
Where do you work?
What city?
When was this?
What level are your students?
College Freshman and Sophomore
About your employer
Is your employer a government school or a private company?
Private school
What perks did this employer offer?
  • Visa
  • Housing
  • Airfare
Provided private housing
Airfare paid once a year
About You
Teaching experience
Six years
  • BA/BS (Undergraduate degree)
  • TEFL/TESL Certificate
  • MA in TESOL, TEFL, or ELT
Is English your first language?
Anything Else?
Currently making 7000 RMB but began at 6000 RMB. Contracts are semester-to-semester. If a teacher decides to stay for another semester, he/she will get a 500 RMB raise. Housing is on campus in an international teacher/professors apartment building. There are studios and 1-bedroom apartments. Insurance is somewhat available as the school will pay for a teacher to go to the doctor; however, it is not included in the contract. It is case-by-case.
How did you find out about this site?
Changchun Live
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