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18,000/month in Beijing (2011)

Pay (in RMB)
Is that wage monthly, hourly, weekly, or annual?
Full time or part time?
Hours taught per week:
Vacation time (excluding Chinese holidays)
4 weeks
Where do you work?
What city?
When was this?
What level are your students?
  • Middle School (Grades 6-9)
  • Postgraduate (MA, PhD)
  • Business English
About your employer
What perks did this employer offer?
  • Other
No housing provided
No perks, but great people who stick by you and spot on pay with no BS.
About You
Teaching experience
6 years ESL
  • BA/BS (Undergraduate degree)
  • TEFL/TESL Certificate
  • Teacher certification from your home country
Is English your first language?
Anything Else?
Best way to judge a school is to ask them if you can chat to their other foreign teachers. If they say no, move on. If they introduce you to their teachers then they’re probably cool. Does the staff look happy? Are they helpful and sincere? Try to contact directly with the schools — DO NOT use any sort of agency, and if you do, NEVER let them hold your passport. An agent may promise you housing, travel pay, free beer, etc., but they will work you like a slave, treat you like dirt and keep up to 30 or 40% from your *real* salary. You’ll do much better on your own.


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